Measurement Instructions

1.For accurate measurements please use a metal tape measure, and take measurements in centimetres, to the nearest 0.1 cm.

2.All our blinds can be fixed into the face of the window frame or wall, or into the top of the lintel -allowing you total control of the depth your blind can be positioned in the depth of your window recess.

3.Choose whether you want the blinds to hang inside or outside the window recess.

4.Please check for the proximity of adjacent walls ,furnlture ,window handles etc. when measuring for your blinds.


For blinds to hang inside the window recess

Measure the drop by taking the measurement from the top of the recess to the window sill in three places as shown. Measure the width of the window recess from wall to wall , in three places as shown. take the smallest measurement. We will make all adjustments to ensure your blinds fit perfectly


For blinds to hang outside the window recess

Measure the exact area you would like the blind to cover as shown, We will not make any deductions to measurements given by you.